Events I Attend
I attend approximately 15 stamp shows per year. Sometimes I’ll add or subtract a show or two based upon my participation in an international scheduled show. Internationally I’ve done shows in the following countries:

Czech Republic
Nationalist China
People's Republic of China

The Following US Shows are Attended Annualy
Southeastern Stamp Expo, Columbia, SC: mid January
APS Winter Show, various southern locations around the US:

3rd/4th weekend in January
Southeast Federation of Stamp Clubs Show, Atlanta, GA:
last weekend in January
Sarasota National, Sarasota, FL: 1st weekend in February
ASDA, Fort Lauderdale, FL: 2nd weekend in February
Garfield Perry March Party, Cleveland, Ohio: 3rd or 4th weekend in March
FSDA Show Orlando, FL: June & September
CHARPEX, Charlotte, NC: late July
Tampa, FL Show: September & November
APS Summer Show, various locations around the US:
2nd or 3rd weekend August
FSDA Show Ocala, FL: October
FSDA Show Sarasota, FL: October
FLOREX, Orlando, FL: 1 weekend in December

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